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Zeadia Tour’s New Zealand Travel Guide

Start here with our New Zealand travel guide to help you plan and enjoy your holiday.

In this guide we’ll share some pointers to kick-start your New Zealand trip planning. We regularly update this page with links to new articles and blog posts. If there’s anything we haven’t covered we would be delighted to answer your questions, so do get in touch¬†with us.

If you’ve been thinking about visiting New Zealand for a holiday you’re not alone. In 2016-17 over 3.6 million people visited New Zealand to soak up the incredible landscapes, outdoor activities and local culture. New Zealand has regularly been voted the friendliest nation in the world. Despite more people visiting every year, it’s still possible to find complete peace and solitude without having to battle crowds of tourists.

About New Zealand

Anytime of year is a great time to visit New Zealand. But naturally, some times of year are much better suited to particular outdoor activities. For travel inspiration, our 4 must see South Island destinations are a good place to start.

During Spring, from September to November, popular tourist spots are not overly crowded and the weather is generally mild. Don’t discount the chance of occasional Spring snowfall in the South Island (which creates amazing photo opportunities). Also, keep an eye out for beautiful wild flowers on the road side.

Summer, from December to February, is peak season in New Zealand. Days are warm and the evenings are mild and long with light until after 9 pm. New Zealand has too many incredible beaches to list but it’s safe to say you will never be far from a refreshing beach, lake or river swim. Be sure to experience a New Zealand summer barbecue and remember to bring your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen as the sun can be harsh. Our New Zealand travel tips article has much more information to help you decide what to pack.

Autumn is a great time to visit New Zealand as summer weather often lasts well into March and even April. This is the ideal time to enjoy one of New Zealand’s stunning walks like the Hooker Valley Track near Mt Cook Village.

Let’s not forget Winter, from June to August, a great time for skiing and snowboarding on New Zealand’s alpine slopes.

Visitor Visa

Depending on the country whose passport you hold, you may need to apply for a New Zealand visitor visa. You can find more information on this in our New Zealand visitor visa article.

Planning a Tour of New Zealand

Booking your travel directly with Zeadia Tours is easy. Start by looking through our tours and see our booking with Zeadia guide for some tips.

We hope you’ve found our New Zealand travel guide useful. Get in touch with us for more information.